Communication & Education focuses on electronic media, Member support and training, technology support, and community communication.
communications-education [at] humboldtdemocrats [dot] org (Contact Chair)

Ways & Means is responsible for financial overview and developing the HCDCC budget. Ways & Means is the primary organizing body for the HCDCC’s major fundraisers.
ways-means [at] humboldtdemocrats [dot] org (Contact Chair)

Community Outreach & Voter Registration focuses on voter registration, tabling at community events, and doing community outreach. This committee is also responsible for hosting informational forums and direct outreach with other constituencies.
outreach-registration [at] humboldtdemocrats [dot] org (Contact Chair)

Operations develops and maintains the physical, technical, and communications resources necessary to support the activities of the HCDCC.
operations [at] humboldtdemocrats [dot] org (Contact Chair)

Campaign Services is active during campaign seasons in educating local voters, networking with Democrats throughout the state, organizing campaign volunteers and GOTV (get-out-the-vote) efforts.
campaign-services [at] humboldtdemocrats [dot] org (Contact Chair)