Information about judges on the 2014 Ballot

A shocking surprise awaits many Americans when they retire. There are two laws which may rob them of half or more of their Social Security benefits. The Government Pension Offset (GPO) was passed by Congress in 1977 after much publicity about the few retirees who were receiving large pensions and large survivor benefits because they had held high paying jobs as public agency administrators. But the GPO causes all public workers whose spouses were vested in Social Security to lose an amount equal to 2/3 of their pension, which is deducted from the Social Security survivor benefit they expected to receive. For many widowed retirees, what remains is a very small Social Security benefit or none at all. (more)

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Proposition 40 is actually a referendum, which means its purpose is to get rid of something. In this case, what the originators want to get rid of are the maps that were developed by the redistricting commission. The originators of prop 40 are worried that some of the legislators they like won’t be elected with the new configuration. (more)